About Canshield

CanShield was built to test a very simple question: how will IT architecture change as the amount of data collected and managed scales? The answer to this question drove us to the idea that organizations globally are increasing their data consumption and will need secure locations closer to their customers to manage this data. This final concept led us to the idea of Edge Cloud Environments.

The concept was simple, companies, cities, municipalities and governments are scaling the amount of data being collected and they will eventually want to analyze this data in real time. To do this they will need access to secure facilities with colocation, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS),  cloud on-ramp and hybrid cloud environments. The compute resources will need to move closer to the end customer, given the benefits you get with localized compute and storage.

Concept defined, now we needed to find the perfect location to test this idea and Kamloops matched every criteria.

Why Kamloops

Kamloops is ideal for all these reasons and CanShield is proud to call Kamloops headquarters. But this is just the first step in our journey as we look to branch out into multiple facilities across North America.

So now we have the idea and location, but we needed to find the team. In hindsight, this final part almost took care of itself and we’re proud of the individuals who have joined the CanShield team and are launching us into our next stage of growth. Please visit Our Team page to learn more about who you’ll be working with.

The rest of the story for CanShield is unwritten as yet, but with enough hard work and a little luck, we’re confident CanShield can fulfill our original vision of Edge Cloud Environments.

Our Security Journey

Security is at the forefront of everything we do and CanShield continually looks to develop our framework and processes to improve security. Today we offer our clients the following security measures:

CanShield will continue to develop our security protocols and certifications all with our customers protection in mind. If you would like to talk with us further about the security in place at CanSHield’s facility, please contact us.