Cities And Municipalities

Cities and municipalities are at the forefront for economic development and community enhancements. These spaces are considered a hub for people, contemporary ideas, business innovations, life quality and a catalyst for economic improvement. As cities and municipalities grow they need the IT infrastructure to enhance this growth and provide the flexibility for future expansion.

CanShield acts as a technology partner for cities and municipalities offering colocation space, disaster recovery services, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS),cloud strategy and customized solutions. Additionally, we undertake consultative projects, looking at specific infrastructure or enhancement strategies.

Smart Cities

With the enormous amount of data and mobile technology in use today, metropolitan areas are being transformed into Smart Cities that can leverage data to power economies. The ultimate purpose of Smart Cities is to solve real life problems, while using data to deliver intelligence to urban environments.

Cities and municipalities can benefit from CanShield’s expertises of Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart City solutions. We have an ecosystem of partners and long term industry knowledge, allowing metropolitan areas to become thriving modern societies. These secure solutions range from small IoT devices monitoring realtime biometric parameters to enhanced street lighting initiatives providing actionable usage data to improve energy efficiency.

The ability to store huge amounts of data is only the first step, the major driver in this space is using data to gain actionable insights into specific problems. CanShield can provide cities and municipalities a major competitive advantage in this space with our secure and customized Smart City solutions.

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