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Do you often wonder if your business data is ever secure? You cannot become too careful as your entire business, potential clients, and investors often trust in a company with top-notch data security. If you are anticipating protecting your data, you need to aim for the go-to data center in Kamloops. The CanShield data center is a reliable colocation data center that offers excellent disaster recovery services. We assist you in growing your business enterprise so that it can gain a competitive edge. Here is all there is to know about our services.

We pride in offering immense value to our esteemed clients through various innovative product development as well as exceptional customer service support. At our data center, we offer both the enterprise as well as wholesale colocation data services. If you are looking forward to supporting one server or a wholesale agreement, you can enjoy our customized services as everything will become under your terms. Check out our remarkable services that you can enjoy

1.     Enterprise colocation

Do you need to install one server or several servers in your enterprise? Do not fret! You have come to the right place, and we have got you covered. We provide rack space that has access to the onsite generator and the battery UPS. You will enjoy on-going client support for every data hosting requirement that you might require.

In the present day, you can hardly ignore the importance of data residency. That is why at CanShield colocation data center, we ensure that you enjoy data residency upon your request.

The colocation market is getting competitive by the minute, but you can always rely on CanShield to install your machine.  You can give us a call to get a free quote on the available service.

2.     Disaster recovery

With each passing day, organizations continue to face threats concerning their data. Data disaster threat often ranges from cyber-attack to natural phenomena that may occur. It is incredibly costly to start from the ground up while regaining the lost data. It could also lead to mistrust among clients as well as investors. However, you can contact CanShield disaster recovery now to ensure business continuity when disaster strikes. With our meticulous services, you acquire a second or third location for any data equipment that you need.

3.     Wholesale colocation

Have a chance to enjoy the best wholesale colocation in Kamloops with our excellent facility. We offer incredible infrastructures such as security, power, and space as you install your servers and server cabinets. Thus, you grow your business without much constraint. You have the chance to dictate your data hosting requirements with the equipment that you want. We are here to meet your commercial needs when you require it the most with our secure, affordable, and reliable services. 

CanShield colocation data center in Kamloops cannot wait to become a more significant part of your business data protection and disaster recovery partner. Are you worried about where you can get help? Just feel free to contact our experts to learn how we can be of beneficial service to you. You can get a free quote or ask questions about disaster recovery and much more. You can take a tour of our data center and learn more about it.

If you would like details on how CanShield can support your business through colocation and disaster recovery services, please contact us at:

Telephone: 1 778-765-4458

765 Lorne Street
Kamloops, British Columbia

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