Hybrid Cloud

CanShield Solutions aims to be at the forefront of hybrid-cloud services and as such we are working with major cloud providers to deploy their technology stacks in our data centres. This allows us to act as an extension of the public cloud environments, with multi-tenant platforms.

For clients who are looking for all the benefits of the public cloud, but from a localized facility, our hybrid-cloud solutions offer the following benefits:

  • High performance compute and storage
  • Reduced pricing and egress costs
  • Lower latency for mission critical workloads
  • Cloud elasticity to spin up additional resources when needed

The original design of the public cloud was to provide elasticity. When an organization reaches the limits of its compute resources, they require a quick and scalable way to gain compute and storage IT capital. This flexible infrastructure is extremely beneficial, however, it comes with a cost not only with the monthly instance fees, but also with data egress costs.

In today’s world this proposition still holds true - scalability and flexibility at a price. Therefore, when organizations are looking for consistent compute, you gain increased performance and decreased costs by utilizing localized dedicated servers and storage. Through CanShield's hybrid-cloud solution you gain access to this dedicated compute, while also allowing organizations to work within the public cloud environments. CanShield believes the hybrid-cloud model is the future for IT infrastructure, as such we are delighted to provide dedicated local compute with cloud on-ramp capabilities from edge data centres.

CanShield is in the process of working with our clients and partners to deploy the following from interior BC:

  • AWS Frontier
    AWS Outpost
  • Azure Stack
    Microsoft Stack
  • Open Stack
    Open Stack

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