Business Continuity Plan

June 5th 2020

Does your business rely on ongoing access to data and internet connectivity? Can your employees continue to work for you and your customers if your in-house servers or email fail? At CanShield Data Center, we are committed to making sure your business can continue to operate or get back on your feet faster after technical disaster. Whether someone spills coffee on the server, or your business is flooded, CanShield can help your form and execute a response and business continuity plan immediately.


One of the most effective things any data-driven business can do to ensure a quick recovery is to have all your important files backed up somewhere. Simply put, your driven business can do to ensure a quick recovery is to have all your important files backed up somewhere. Simply put, your regular mission critical infrastructure should not carry all the weight of data archiving on its shoulders. CanShield provides multiple levels of data storage, access, and services for any size of business. If you want each individual employee working environment cloned, we can help! If you just want your secure files available at your desire, stored safely in an entirely Canadian based customized Cloud, we can handle it. Your data is always available to you in any format you need.


Change is always present in the business world. Employees move, requirements revolve, and your business needs to be ready to retain your good employees anyway possible. With social distancing measures in effect, how can you keep all your employees involved and productive? Remote workstations and central file-sharing services are an excellent solution to a changing work environment. CanShield Data Center can provide the hardware, software and connectivity required to keep your office working together anywhere stable internet is provided. We also have experience with team and customer relation management software and are happy to lend our knowledge to any businesses faced with tough decisions moving forward.


If file security is important to your business, CanShield boasts a fully fenced, controlled-access facility in downtown Kamloops. The city itself is already a great place for long term data storage due to its low seismic activity and low ‘natural disaster’ potential.

Our facility is above the 2100-year flood plain and is ready to take on the elements. Multiple power feeds and on-site power backup will keep your files and data intact should anything happen. If you are a legal or tax firm and need secure, entirely separate, and Canadian file storage, CanShield has a solution. When your files end up in large, ‘high-end’ cloud services, they are quite often put right next to anyone’s files. Some of the bigger, sophisticated storage setups for these gigantic cross-sections of data spread your files out all-over multiple servers and multiple countries. Our philosophy is that your files are yours, they should stay yours and separate from fellow customer’s data. Your mission critical content should be backed up, accessible from anywhere you would like and safe from physical damage and tampering.


Technology can be extremely powerful if leveraged properly. Connectivity and data sharing can provide a reliable, efficient platform for your business to flourish. CanShield is here to make sure these tools are taken care of and your business is safe from any hurdles that come its way. Contact us today to start putting your business’ continuity plan in place!