CanShield Data Center and SilverServers Exemplify a Mutually Beneficial Business Relationship

February 18th 2019

CanShield Data Center and SilverServers share a mutually beneficial relationship where each business profits from having the other as an important customer and colleague. Information Technology is the common denominator, laying the foundation for this solid business connection, which has been steadily evolving and growing over the past few years.

In 2017, CanShield welcomed SilverServers as our first colocation client. SilverServers, an established Kamloops business providing custom web development, hosting and Grassroots SEO to small and medium businesses around the world, looked at the CanShield site as the logical place to install new servers for their client base. On par with our goals to provide business growth for our clients, SilverServers plans to increase their server equipment in CanShield to meet their evolving needs.

From a CanShield perspective, SilverServers is a great client, but also provides amazing services in terms of website development and logo design, all of which culminated in a relaunch of CanShield in April 2018. Additionally, in collaboration with SilverServers, CanShield determined that with our brand - unique name, logo and design - we wanted people to associate CanShield with security, reliability, and innovation. SilverServers played a pivotal role in this.

CanShield are extremely thankful for our business relationship with SilverServers, so we have taken this opportunity to provide a shout out to them! And to let other businesses know that if they are seeking a highly collaborative data center to work with, then CanShield is here to help.

About CanShield

CanShield Data Center provides secure and reliable colocation and disaster recovery services from our facility based in Kamloops BC. Kamloops is an ideal location for a data center, benefitting from clean energy, a great environment and located in a seismically stable area. Beyond SilverServers, we work with a diverse client base across Canada, customizing our services to meet their needs. This includes everything from dedicated servers, private cloud deployment, along with traditional colocation through enterprise and wholesale services.

If you would like details on how CanShield can support your business, please don't hesitate to contact us.