December 1st 2017

Funding Will Enable CanShield Data Center to Meet the Growing Demand for Colocation at Its Kamloops, British Columbia Facility

CanShield Data Center, specializing in secure and reliable colocation and disaster recovery services, announces it has attained new financing from Old Kent Road Financial, allowing the company to meet its future customer and infrastructure requirements.

“CanShield Data Center is extremely excited to be working with Old Kent Road Financial to enhance the long-term success of our operations. The colocation and disaster recover space is growing exponentially as more companies seek to protect their business continuity,” states George Emery, CEO CanShield Data Center. “Our Kamloops facility can provide clients with significant advantages for their colocation requests. We are based in a seismically stable area of British Columbia, with ample green hydro electric power to support our customer demands. This, along with our team of experts, means we can provide customers the support and pricing to meet their current and ongoing needs.”

CanShield currently operates one data center site in Kamloops, British Columbia. The facility exceeds Tier III standards, is carrier-neutral and located on Canada’s super fibre highway ensuring low-latency. For more information about CanShield Data Center email us at or go to our contact page