Coming Back From The Cloud: Colocation Services For Data You Need Stored Locally

November 15th 2019

CanShield is one of the two Kamloops data centers that provide colocation services to businesses and individuals looking to store their data in a secure and monitored location. Colocation hosting at our data center means that your information is stored on Canadian soil. Servers in our facility have a direct connection to Canada’s fibre highway – which Kamloops is an important hub for. That means your data should be quickly accessible when you need it.

In very recent years, a trend is emerging of businesses pulling data out of the cloud and storing it on servers in colocation facilities. Let’s take a look at why this is happening.

Not many years ago, the cloud surfaced as a tool for storing data in ways that was quickly accessible from anywhere. Everyone began using the cloud. Like the editorial team at said earlier this month, “[u]ntil recently, if you weren’t in the cloud, you were nowhere”.

The cloud made data accessibility more flexible. Companies could access applications and data from anywhere in the world, and they could collaborate on their work in real time over long distances. The attraction to that idea is easy to understand. However, lately companies are noticing some weaknesses with having certain types of data in the cloud. Whether it’s that cloud services aren’t secure enough, data can’t be downloaded fast enough, the price point, or a few other various reasons, companies are learning a balance of what belongs in the cloud and what doesn’t. This process is making data centers like CanShield more important.

One of the effects of years in the cloud is that business owners have become accustomed to quick access to their data. They’re concerned that by putting their information back into a data center they won’t be able to access it efficiently. CanShield is uniquely situated to overcome this problem for Canadian companies.

Kamloops is one of a few Canadian cities that have both the CN and CP railways passing through. Since most of the transcontinental fibre optic cable is built alongside the tracks, Kamloops is positioned very well to be a hub for supporting data storage and access. CanShield’s facility is built next to the railroad tracks, so we have direct access to this fibre highway.

Easy access to your data means that you don’t have to deal with many of the latency delays that would occur in other data centers. Additionally, our wholesale colocation and 10,500 square feet of space means that you can grow without constraint. We have plenty of space for your server needs to expand. With all that in mind and our customized monitoring system, you can assure you that our services compete with the best in Canada.

If your data is in the cloud and you’re looking for a colocation facility or hybrid cloud offering, look no further than the CanShield Data Center. If you’re nearby, contact us for a tour! Otherwise, give us a call and we can discuss how to support your IT infrastructure.