Disaster Recovery Colocation Services for Vancouver Businesses

March 31st 2020

Don’t roll the dice, the Vancouver area is high risk for earthquake activity and the CanShield Data Center is a premier provider of disaster recovery services for businesses in Vancouver. There are other single server colocation services in the lower mainland, but CanShield is your best option as a data backup provider because in the event of a large-scale disaster in the Vancouver area, CanShield is the closest location to the lower mainland that is outside of its high seismic activity area. Making sure your data is stored in a seismically stable location is key to IT architecture planning.

Seismologists with the Geological Survey of Canada record more than 2,500 earthquakes in western Canada each year, with the majority of the activity taking place along the Pacific coast. Part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, the concentration of earthquakes along the west coast is related to the presence of active faults, which occur in three different ways — they can slide past one another, collide, or move apart. The west coast of Canada is one of the few areas worldwide where all three of these types of movements take place, resulting in significant earthquake activity.

In early 2020 an earthquake on Vancouver Island was felt in Metro Vancouver, as reported by CTVNewsVancouver.ca Following the quake, a local politician posed the question: “Are you prepared for a big one?”

Can you confidently answer “Yes!” to that question? If not, now is the time to get in touch with CanShield and take the first steps to include data protection in your business’s disaster recovery plan. If an earthquake takes down Vancouver data centers, and your data is stored only in Vancouver, your business data could be lost or become inaccessible. If you choose CanShield, you can store a backup server and some or all of your data far away from the seismic area. Our data center is built on top of the cross-country fibre highway, so your data will be accessible with low latency.

CanShield provides secure and reliable colocation and disaster recovery services, supporting our clients with an affordable, customized data hosting solution. As part of your data disaster recovery plan, consider CanShield Data Center as a location to store your data.

Our 10,500 square foot facility is well established as a colocation provider at the hub of BC’s fibre highway. CanShield Data Center is a great option for Vancouver companies for a variety of reasons, an important one being providing a backup server for your business. Having all your data in one data center can be a problem if something happens to that data center. Although data centers are secure, you can never be too careful with one of your most valuable assets - data. Because we are located at the hub of BC’s fibre highway, if you ever need to access your backups, our location provides you the best accessibility in the province — no matter where in Vancouver your business operates.

If your server is stored in your office, there’s a chance the building will experience a power outage longer than your backup power supplies can last for. A data center is better equipped to handle power outage situations. Also, our facility is a purpose built highly secure data center that includes rebar reinforced concrete cinder blocks, structural steel cross braces, redundant cooling, and power management. In other words, your data is safe with us.

CanShield provides both enterprise and wholesale colocation services. Whatever your business needs, our goal is to provide a customized service that meets your needs now and in the future. We also provide ongoing customer support for all your data hosting requirements. Whether you want to install a single server or multiple racks, CanShield is ready. Our facility offers rack space that has access to battery UPSs and an onsite generator. CanShield’s disaster recovery and business continuity services provide companies with an extra layer of support. In addition, our facility is an excellent choice for wholesale colocation if that’s what you are looking for. We provide the infrastructure, including the space, security, and power, while you install your cabinets, servers, and general equipment. We are also involved with a partnership program, working with IT, software and data hosting companies throughout North America, so if you want to offer a white label colocation or disaster recovery service, then contact us for our help and support.

You work hard and have big plans to increase the success of your business. We know you have better things to think about than what to do if disaster strikes, so let us take care of keeping your data secure. You focus on your passion while we focus on ours.