High Performance Computing – Do You Need It?

June 1st 2021

High Performance Computing – Do You Need It?,

CanShield Solutions operates a data centre platform out of Kamloops, with a team of experts to help clients manage their critical IT infrastructure. With over 20 years of combined experience building servers from the ground up, we know how to customize solutions to meet your needs and provide enough capacity for future expansion. If high performance computing (HPC) is a priority, CanShield has the team, partners, and secure facilities to help you reach your goals. If you’re not sure if HPC is for you, read on:

What is High Performance Computing?

HPC is a means of processing large amounts of data at extremely high speeds by using parallel processing and computer clusters to run advanced application programs. Think of your desktop computer as an occasional jogger and HPC as an Olympic-level runner – both are athletes, but one is much, much faster.

Who Benefits from It?

Traditionally, HPC was used for solving advanced problems and performing highly technical research using computer simulation, modeling, and analysis. And it still is, but its availability has greatly expanded beyond those of such elite industries as aerospace and genomics. Simply, you no longer need to be a rocket scientist to partake in the benefits of HPC. The popularity of High Performance Ccompute is becoming mainstream and is exploding across a variety of industries, including:

    • Retail: Using HPC in the retail sector helps companies analyze huge amounts of customer data to improve customer service, delivery and tracking orders, and providing a better plan for target marketing.

    • Healthcare: Drug research, vaccine creation and innovative treatment developments can all be fast-tracked with the speed and efficiency of HPC. High Performance Compute has played a vital role in the fight again COVID-19.

    • Oil & Gas: Analysis and testing can help predict the location of oil and gas resources and help simulate fluid flow and seismic processing.

    • Manufacturing: Performing simulations supports the design, manufacturing, and testing of an endless variety of products, thereby creating safer, more efficient products and innovations.

    • Financial Technology: Complex risk analysis, high frequency trading and superior fraud detection can all be had through HPC.

CanShield works with a number of vendors to provision specialized platforms for advanced research compute and high-performance clustering.

Why Do They Need It?

Many workloads are too much for any single computer to process. With only one Central Processing Unit (CPU) at work, your computer system may lack the power to complete tasks efficiently. High Performance Compute addresses these complex challenges. It can save businesses money by improving efficiency, streamlining business processes, and providing ease of accessibility.

In one example, CanShield worked with a customer to reduce their modeling and simulation time from 5-7 hours to only 20 minutes. The time and resources saved were huge for our client.

Where does HPC Happen?

One of the challenges of HPC is that it requires skilled workers who know how to mine data for solutions. For this reason, businesses employ special High Performance Computing environments or data centres to make their HPC computing happen. Our data centre and High Performance Compute is built and operated as a highly secure and fault tolerant platform, supporting researchers and private organizations throughout Western Canada and North America.

To learn more about HPC and how CanShield can support your High Performance Compute workloads, check out our Managed Infrastructure and contact us page today. Our team consists of industry experts who strive to provide long-term value to our clients through innovative product development and exceptional customer support. Whatever your IT infrastructure needs, CanShield Solutions has the experience and expertise to customize the right solution for you.