Tech Presence Is Growing In Kamloops

October 23rd 2018

CanShield Data Center and its colocation facility is strategically well-positioned to store and protect the precious commodity that businesses increasingly rely on - data. In the stable interior of BC, Kamloops is exposed to significantly lower seismic activity than surrounding areas. This makes it an ideal location for a secure data centre facility that provides a customized solution for colocation and disaster recovery  services to businesses throughout Canada. Other decisive factors for clients who choose a Kamloops data centre include the availability of stable power and fibre connectivity.

Kamloops is also an IT-committed community, which makes it even more inviting to tech businesses such as CanShield. The city hosts a highly skilled labour force, well-developed communications infrastructure and an extensive fibre optic network. Venture Kamloops reported in 2016 that there are over 200 businesses in Kamloops in the high-tech sector contributing robustly to the economy as a growth industry.

For these tech-related reasons alone, CanShield Data Center is well-situated for offering efficient and affordable BC enterprise and wholesale colocation services from a highly secure facility in Kamloops. Add to that the ability for businesses to retain employees in Kamloops due to the high quality of life and affordable housing, including numerous recreational opportunities and over 2,000 hours of sunshine annually!

Entrepreneurs and Innovators are Welcome Here

Entrepreneurial individuals have access to an innovative partnership between Thompson Rivers University (TRU) and Kamloops Innovation Centre. Individually, these organizations contribute significantly to the growth of tech in Kamloops. TRU offers numerous post-secondary technology programs from the theoretical to the applied, and Kamloops Innovation Centre is a non-profit society composed of tech entrepreneurs passionate about helping others succeed. The partnership’s aim is to give Kamloops a name as a vibrant start-up community.

Within this collaborative approach between the private and academic sectors, hands-on skills and training opportunities are provided to entrepreneurs to start businesses here in the BC Interior. An on-campus hub called The Generator provides a physical space to connect students with industry and education for mentorship, education, and entrepreneurial support. Business ideas supported by the TRU Generator must be innovative, but not necessarily technologically focused.

A sub-sector of the high-tech industry includes the global data centre industry, which is in its own right is a rapidly growing industry. Not only is Kamloops BC a strategic data centre location, the country of Canada is globally a strong contender for more centres, due to ideal conditions including seismic stability, privacy policies and a favourable business environment.

Keeping Canadian Data in Canda

CanShield Data Centre is able to assure their clients that the data they store stays in Canada. This goes beyond patriotism, and instead points to varying data protection and privacy laws from country to country. Data protection laws are further defined and overseen within provincial and territorial jurisdictions, therefore the feature of protecting Canadian data in Canada is significant.

If you would like to find out more about our affordable and customized data hosting solutions, please contact us. Our team consists of industry experts who strive to provide long-term value to our clients through innovative product development and exceptional customer support.