The Growing Tech City of Kamloops Supports Gaming Industry Boom in BC

January 16th 2019

Somewhere along the way, video gaming in Canada went from arcades lined with pinball machines and table top Pac Man for youths, to an industry that presently adds $3.7 billion to Canada’s annual GDP, and attracts 52% of Canadians. The average age of a gamer is 36 years old, with males and females represented almost equally as per these statistics compiled in 2017 by the Entertainment Software Association of Canada.

British Columbia is a Trail Blazer in Canada’s Video Gaming Industry

British Columbia is one of the top three provinces blazing the trail in the Canadian video gaming industry, along with Ontario and Quebec. In BC, both the number of video game companies (approx. 152) and the number of the industry’s full-time employees (approx. 5,900) have been increasing since 2015. Although a small number of large companies lead the gaming sector, with resources dedicated to console games, an increasing number of up-and-coming companies are developing games for smartphones and tablets.

Vancouver, BC is home to a growing number of gaming industry studios and a high concentration of individuals with high technical digital and creative/artistic skill sets required for continuing growth in this industry. Contributing factors to the industry’s boom in Vancouver include a business-friendly environment with well-established infrastructure, government tax credits and venture capital funds, foreign investment, and not to mention the mild climate and west coast lifestyle afforded by this beautiful city.

The Growing Tech City of Kamloops Supports Gaming Industry Boom in BC

CanShield Data Center in Kamloops is at a central interior “hub location” along the busy fibre optic highway of connectivity in BC. Our secure, seismically stable location in interior BC, coupled with 100% carrier-neutral connectivity and 100% power availability, allow for low latency processing of high volumes of data at near real-time. These data center services are key infrastructure considerations that operate behind the scenes and allow video gaming companies to develop, test and deliver their products. That is how data centers contribute to the significant gaming industry success in BC.

Even before gaming became such a significant economic driver, it had served a valuable function of providing fun and entertainment for adults. Most gamers can tell you that they are definitely having fun! The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC),with headquarters in Kamloops, notes the following about the corporation’s history:

“Since 1969 we’ve developed games that are fun and fair, as well as contributed to the growth of the province. In this time, we have made it our mission to positively impact B.C. communities and operate with integrity, respect and social responsibility.”

Corporations such as BCLC and smaller companies headquartered in Kamloops, such as Open Gaming Solutions stay competitive and innovative within the highly competitive realm of online gaming because they are able to access real-time data afforded by the secure, reliable data storage and infrastructure offered by data centers such as CanShield. Contact CanShield to find out more about our secure and reliable colocation and disaster recovery services.

CanShield Data Center
CanShield in Kamloops, British Columbia is a secure and reliable colocation and disaster recovery data center providing customized services across Canada. From our well-constructed facility in a seismically stable location, we offer our clients exceptional services that includes the following:
• 1 MW of power (expanding to 4 MW)
• Backup power through diesel generator and UPS
• Carrier-neutral redundant connectivity with over 400 strands of fibre
• Retail and wholesale colocation services
• Access to dedicated services and customized private cloud offerings