While Watching a Movie or Live Streaming Video, Do You Think About Your Nearby Data Center?

April 16th 2019

We didn’t think so. It’s okay that most folks don’t think about data centers even while using our services, because we are familiar with being hard at work behind the scenes. CanShield Data Center in Kamloops, BC provides affordable and customized data hosting, colocation and disaster recovery solutions for our clients across Canada from a highly secure facility. We chose the centrally located city of Kamloops, BC, Canada for our data center for numerous reasons.

The facility, owned and operated by CanShield, was previously built as a data center, so naturally becomes a good fit for our services today. Kamloops has redundant power and is in a seismically stable location. Additionally, our facility is highly connected, being located along the Canadian fiber highway. There is also a vibrant, healthy tech community in this area with numerous opportunities for networking and growth. Plus, we just believe Kamloops is a beautiful area with a great climate.

The Movie and Film Industry in Kamloops is Moving

The movie/film industry in Kamloops is something we at CanShield are getting pretty excited about. If you are curious about what movies and film projects have been shot in the Thompson-Nicola, and WHY filmmakers love this area, check out the website for Thompson-Nicola Film Commission (TNFC).

The desert-like, arid grasslands complete with cacti, hoodoos, sagebrush, wide open land and skyscapes, as well as down-to-earth lifestyles seem to offer the right mix of characteristics for many movies and films. Filmmakers and cast members comment on the welcoming and helpful nature of the people who live in this region, as well as the serenity to be found in the natural settings.

How Does a Data Center Contribute to the Kamloops Movie/Film Industry?

Because this industry relies heavily on the collaborative efforts of many creative minds, and there are budgets to stay within, effective communications over long distances within short times is key to success. CanShield boasts over 400 strands of fibre running through our facility, with three different ingress points. This connectivity allows companies in the film and media industries to transport huge amounts of data, at incredible speeds. In fact, our last test showed only 7-9 milliseconds of latency between Kamloops and Vancouver, with the potential to transport 5 Petabytes of data. That’s a lot!

As noted by Mastermind Studios, a pillar company for video production and soundstage services in Kamloops, their local production crew works in conjunction with a network of videography and photography crews throughout Canada, the U.S., and around the world.

Data Centers in Canada, such as CanShield, support the speedy and reliable data services the movie/film industry relies on. It is our hope to rally behind this industry in its growth within Kamloops and throughout the Thompson-Nicola region. At this time Mastermind Studio is seeking to expand, and is looking to the local business community – and the larger community - to get behind them in this growth. This kind of expansion would fuel and enrich economic diversification within our community. Besides, who doesn’t think movie and filmmaking are somewhat exotic and wonderful?

CanShield would also like to give a shout out to other local/regional filmmakers who are making numerous high-quality films designed to educate viewers and promote local businesses, high profile individuals, sports teams, and organizations. A few of these include Joy Factory Films and Aspect Film Works, both of which are Kamloops companies building impressive repertoires of highly engaging films. The hardest part of checking out all these local film and movie businesses is not getting drawn into viewing fantastic films for an entire day!

Bravo to the creative innovators who are growing the movie and film industry in Kamloops and surrounding areas. Kamloops data center, CanShield, fully supports this growth trend, and would be happy to hear from you to discuss how our services may be of use.