April 2nd 2018

CanShield Data Center in Kamloops, BC is in a sector of the tech industry sitting on the verge of exponential growth. In fact, the growth has been underway since 2016 when global demand for cloud computing and data center space spiked upward. Many investors and tech companies are scrambling to acquire huge chunks of real estate and infrastructure so that they too can get in on this boom for data center space.

Roger Karam, Chairman of Northern Investment Partners Inc., reported in January 2017 that "Canada is poised to capture an increasing share of the global data center industry...due to ideal conditions, including cold climates, low energy costs, stable and protective protection and privacy laws and a stable socio-political environment." The point is, in this rapidly growing industry, Canada is standing out as a very promising market for wholesale data centers.

CanShield Data Center is a well-established Tier III compliant facility providing secure and reliable colocation and disaster recovery services to businesses across BC and Canada. Our site specifications include 10,000 square feet of space with adherence to some of the most stringent security protocols. Our focus is on making sure your equipment and information is protected, meaning you never have to lose sleep over a critical data loss.