July 17th 2018

In today’s data-centric world, our environments are overflowing with emails, texts, and videos. Businesses have led the way, with the use of market data, customer relationship management tools and digital content. Key to this new equation is where data should be stored and protected – and CanShield Data Center in Kamloops BC provides the ideal solution for storing your data in a safe location.

According to Dell EMC, data loss and downtime costs a total of $1.7 trillion each year. As such, having data protected in a diverse geographical location should be a key priority for IT managers when looking for business continuity or disaster recovery services. This is one of the key reasons why companies choose interior British Columbia to host and protect their data.

CanShield has its main colocation and disaster recovery data center located in Kamloops, British Columbia for this precise reason, offering a high-end secure and reliable data center service. One of the many priorities for IT architecture planning is to make sure your data is stored in a seismically stable area, situated on major transportation routes with high fibre connectivity and low latency.

Kamloops benefits from being only a 3 and half hour drive from Vancouver or an hour’s flight. From a seismically stable location, however, Kamloops could be on a different continent to the rest of BC. The mapping tool provided by the Institute of Catastrophic Loss Reduction clearly shows Kamloops has significantly lower seismic activity than Vancouver, in fact Kamloops sees lower seismic activity than surrounding areas such as Kelowna.

When making a critical decision about where to host one of your company’s most valuable assets – data – keep in mind that having a diverse geographical backup in areas such as Kamloops should be a priority.

About CanShield

CanShield Data Center provides secure and reliable colocation and disaster recovery services, supporting our clients through an affordable and customized data hosting solution. Our team consists of industry experts who strive to provide long-term value to our clients through innovative product development and exceptional customer support.