Why Businesses are Moving Towards Hybrid Cloud Computing

April 16th 2021

Why Businesses are Moving Towards Hybrid Cloud Computing,

CanShield Solutions provides clients with critical IT solutions to keep their businesses up and running smoothly. Part of our services entails helping businesses move towards hybrid cloud computing, a term for mixed computing that is made up of both public and private cloud infrastructure. CanShield believes the hybrid-cloud model is the future for IT infrastructure and as such we provide dedicated local computing with cloud on-ramp capabilities from edge data centres.

Why hybrid cloud computing?

There are several reasons why hybrid cloud computing is beneficial. In general, by combining infrastructure from a data centre (private cloud) and a public cloud (such as Google Cloud, AWS and Azure),we can simplify some challenges that conventional IT services cannot easily address and provide businesses with a single cloud environment to run their computing workloads. For clients who are looking for all the benefits of the public cloud, but from a localized facility, hybrid cloud solutions offer the following benefits:


Storing sensitive business data on a public cloud doesn’t always match security or data residency rules. Public clouds are handy because they are flexible and easily accessed, but for this same reason, they can also be risky as data can be found using a standard Internet connection. Private clouds are more secure but less flexible. By using a hybrid model, all sensitive data and applications can be stored locally, but a business can still access public cloud services as necessary. This creates a simple and unified system that utilizes the benefits of both sets of infrastructure.


As mentioned above, the public cloud offers flexibility that private cloud services are unable to offer, but a hybrid cloud model provides flexibility with peace of mind. Through CanShield's hybrid cloud solution businesses gain access to dedicated compute, while also allowing organizations to work within the public cloud environments. The increased scalability of a hybrid cloud model allows businesses to choose which cloud environment (public or private) works best for each particular task or application.

Reduced Pricing

Choosing one unified cloud system rather than multiple separate systems will help keep costs down and help businesses manage spending. By using a hybrid model, upfront costs of installing hardware are removed and clients make a single monthly payment that considers all of their cloud needs.


Technology is evolving rapidly and at CanShield we know how important it is for our clients to stay on top of what’s happening. Clients need to be able to move applications and data to the best available cloud and change them again as circumstances change. Mobility across clouds is vital, and in a hybrid cloud model, our clients can migrate workloads and data as necessary.

If your business requires consistent computing with increased performance and decreased costs by utilizing localized dedicated servers and storage combined with all the benefits of the elasticity of the public cloud, a hybrid cloud system could work well for you. Through CanShield's hybrid cloud solution you gain access to this dedicated compute, while also allowing organizations to work within the public cloud environments.

At CanShield, our goal is to be at the forefront of hybrid cloud services. We can explain and break down the benefits specific to your business needs. For more information and to learn how to add hybrid cloud services to your business, contact CanShield today.