Why Data Centres Are Important for Managed Service Providers?

February 26th 2021

Why Data Centres Are Important for Managed Service Providers? ,

CanShield Solutions, based in Kamloops, BC is a data centre for Managed Service Providers (MSP) that aims to solve IT problems businesses inevitably run into. Our data centre offers unique advantages for data storage and connectivity, including:

●       Purposely built data centre space with Tier III Service Level Agreement

●       7 to 11 milliseconds latency from Vancouver and the Lower Mainland British Columbia

●       Situated in a seismically stable and connectivity hub of British Columbia

●       The best combination for price and infrastructure uptime

Additionally, keeping data security is something we are deeply passionate about, so when you store your data in our data centres you can trust that it’s in the right hands.

Managing IT infrastructure on your own can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right environment, support, tools, staff, or even knowledge in place — and it’s something that can quickly outgrow what your company can manage.

As our economy grows and becomes more dependent on technology to provide solutions, it is becoming increasingly important for Managed Service Providers (MSP) to consider how they will manage their clients and their own IT infrastructure. As the need for IT equipment grows, so will the need to ensure that equipment is working optimally for their clients. Data centre facilities, like CanShield Solutions’, are specifically built to ensure MSPs solve the IT problems their clients run into.

Over time, the IT infrastructure needs of a Managed Service Provider can grow too large for an in-house IT team to manage alone. Many factors can affect your company’s ability to manage your infrastructure in-house. These might include:

●       Limited physical space for servers

●       Poor conditions for server operations

●       Not enough security for servers or data

●       Environmental control and power management

Additionally, as the Work-from-Home movement continues to grow, how many companies will be moving beyond having on-premise hardware and looking for a more flexible office solution. Storing and managing your equipment in a data centre solves this problem, allowing organizations to focus on the office space they need for staff members.

On that note, some of the benefits of a managed service provider include the following:

Cloud integration

Turning to an MSP to implement a cloud-based IT infrastructure — and having a good data centre partner in general — can make the process much easier and seamless for your organization.

Coming from an MSP’s point of view, working with the same data centre location makes it easier to build and catering services around the data centre’s capabilities. Integration solutions through a data centre site help the MSP to ensure deployments are done as smoothly as possible.

For the client, the MSP’s data centre partnership makes costs easier — for example, instead of going through a data centre that suits their needs, a company can rely on the MSP’s partner to provide the services they’ve asked for.


Customers and clients want to know how their assets or data is being managed at any given time. In that regard, Managed Service Providers can gain insight into the software used by a data centre and provide clients with answers and full transparency.

Additionally, the partnership between a data centre and an MSP allows the Managed Service Provider to be able to broaden their services and can provide them with a competitive advantage within the industry.


Arguably the most important component is security.  Both data centres and an MSP should have protection against physical and virtual threats. A properly equipped data centre will have all the proper measures in place to prevent things like fires, floods, physical security breaches and have the proper cooling, power and network infrastructure.

A properly managed data centre will also only provide access to the facility to its employees, which means having tight building security and two-factor authentication upon entering the site.

CanShield Solutions

Because data security is important to us, our data centre is in  a seismically stable location, while acting as the epicentre for connectivity and the fibre in British Columbia, with its location on the province’s “data highway.”

Our data centre is also only 7-11 milliseconds of latency from Vancouver and British Columbia’s Lower Mainland,  which means we’re considered an edge facility. As such, you get a great data centre facility in the optimal location in British Columbia and at a price point focused on small-medium businesses. 

To learn more about what we do and about our managed infrastructure services, contact us today or you can read more on our blog.