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Our Services

CanShield provides both enterprise and wholesale colocation services. Our secure facility means we can offer you the flexibility to become a client under your terms, whether you’re looking for support on a single server or a wholesale agreement.

Our goal is to provide a customized service that meets your needs today and as your business grows.

Enterprise colocation

Whether you are looking to install a single server or multiple racks, CanShield has your back. Our Tier III compliant facility offers rack space that has access to a battery UPS and an onsite generator. We also provide ongoing customer support for all your data hosting requirements.

Data residency is extremely important today, as such we can guarantee that your data stays within Canada should you request it. We don’t compromise on this and neither should you.

The colocation market today is competitive, but CanShield can get your equipment installed within industry leading times, while offering you an affordable service. Contact us to find out more.

Disaster recovery

Today companies require that extra layer of support and CanShields disaster recovery and business continuity service can provide just that. If you are looking for a second or third location for your equipment, then CanShield is here to help. Contact us today to find out about our disaster recovery service.

Wholesale colocation

CanShield has an excellent facility for wholesale colocation. We can provide the infrastructure, including the space, security and power, while you install your cabinets, servers and general equipment. With this option you can dictate your own data hosting needs, with the equipment you feel comfortable using.

Key to CanShield’s offering is our secure, reliable and affordable facility. If you think we could support your wholesale requirements, contact us

Partnership program

We work with IT, software and data hosting companies throughout North America, so if you would like to offer a white label colocation or disaster recovery service, then contact us. We can support your business through a verified partnership program, enabling you to offer your current and future customers state of the art data hosting.