The CanShield Value

CanShield  Solutions prides itself on providing customized solutions for our clients. We have evolved from simply offering colocation space to now servicing clients with managed infrastructure, cloud on-ramps, hybrid-cloud solutions and consultative services.

We always aimed to be so much more than just a data centre with redundant security, connectivity, power and environmental control. Although we’re good at data centre infrastructure, we're now starting to fullfill some of our potential driven by our team of highly skilled IT managers.

Our clients are the evidence of who we are and what we provide today. Shortly after becoming fully operational, CanShield’s customers started requesting additional services, such as high performance servers and private cloud solutions. As such we adapted our business model to solve these issues, putting the customers operational concerns at the forefront of our solutions.

We are hugely proud of how far we’ve come since our humble beginnings, with CanShield now serving clients including educational institutions, cities, muncipalities, managed service providers, professional offices and trades based organizations.

Today our solutions include: