Universities And Education

Educational institutions store and manage huge amounts of critical information, while supporting multiple applications around enrollment, research computing, email services, online education tools, smart campuses and more.

CanShield works with colleges and universities to enhance their IT platforms and Digital Campus strategies. As technology becomes more and more important in the classroom and campus, IT leaders need to find a way to manage the ever-expanding demand for computing power and storage needs.

We currently deploy customized managed infrastructure for research and student use. This includes high performance compute, advanced research compute, backup, storage and cloud solutions. Beyond this, CanShield is heavily involved in Smart Campus and Digital Campus initiatives, having been involved with building, testing and deploying our own Internet of Things (IoT) platforms.

If you have considered any of the above solutions for your institution, then we’d be delighted to discuss with you how CanShield could facilitate compute resources, backup, storage and Smart Campus initiatives.

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